Get website traffic,forget traditional Banners,Use Native ads


When you have a website,you need to promote it.More promotion means more traffic,more visibiality and more user.

To survive amongst the competition. page3news can help you to attain the traffic your website needs to beat out the competition.The new Trend of advertising is content promotion.

What is Content Promotion?

Content promotion is a way of displaying content of a website to other website audience having good traffic.

Right audience at the Right time

Creative content is hard work of publisher that is very important for a search engine,and content promotion helps you get in front of the right audience at the right time.This is the main reason that Content promotion is grabing the advertising market in a new way.

Most of the Publishers,Manufacturers,B2B & B2C Marketers,Bloggers and News Portal operators do not know how to display website content in front of right audience

Benefits of Scrolling Native ads for content and Brand promotion

1)-You get real traffic on your site as the visitors are reffered by one
of our network website.

2)-You can check on which website your ad is running.whereas on
other ad network you can’t find it,where your ad is running.

3)-With our ad display system a user can visit your full website
while seeing your ad,whereas on other ad network user will see only your banner not your website until they click it.

4)-Cheaper then any adnetwork such as facebook ads,google adwords,twitter ads,linkedin ads.

5)-Geo targeting options is comming soon,At present we are working in India only.

6)-You have many options to promote your website Url,Subdomain,post page,category       page,product page.What you want to promote it is easy. page Or any other URL.whatever you promote it is easy.

This is a Traditional Display Banner

Most of ad networks are displaying traditional banners on their adnetworks,but a website user will click on it and visit that site,it is not gaurented.

Whereas, a Scrolling banner content promotion is showing full website to the audience on an adnetwork means user is visiting  full site even without clicking it.

While visiting a site,audience can scroll all pages of site displayed as content promotion,without leaving the parent site.

Thats why Scrolling website content promotion is more effective then static traditional banner.

Promoting Your Content,It works more than you think

Now forget the traditional banner concept,it is out dated.Disply your website on page3news Scrolling Display network and promote your content or Brand.

Our Scrolling Banner Content promotion is most suitable for e-commerce,B2B,B2C,Matrimonial and all websites willing  to get more & more visibility in online marketing.

We display scrolling image of your full website on our display network gives good return of your hard work and helps to establish your website as a BRAND.

Run Your Ad Campaign

Run Your Ad Campaign With Us and Make Your Website Popular,People Must Know Your Brand.

Use The Power of Scrolling Native Content & Brand Promotion

Scrolling Banner Content and Brand promotion is most suitable for B2B,B2C,e-commerce,Matrimonial,News portal,Blogs,and all websites willing  to get more & more visibility in the Internet world.

No Ad campaign creation headache,Just put few words,select promotion mode,make payment and we will do all work for you.Your campaign will start within 24 hrs.We will mail you an analytic short link to check your campaign progress.

Size of an ad:- W-“300px” H-“400px” if you want any other size kindly contact us:- [email protected]

Pl.note:-We do not accept websites publishing/involved in illegal     activities promotion. 

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